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Monday, November 15, 2010

THE DUEL: Voting Time!

Alright everybody, you ready for this? It's time to post everyone's designs! I am so impressed with everyone's nails; I freaking love nail art! (And I wanted to say thank you to each lady who participated. You guys were so nice, unlike some people I've been running into lately.)

Contestant 1:  .little green heart.  (click for her blog)
Her design: Freaking cute kittens!

Ahh! They have such cute faces!

Contestant 2: Swååfie  (click for her blog)
Her design: Wonderful fall foliage!
I absolutely love the color gradient!
I think I see gold, red, and orange.

Contestant 3: Polishology  (click for her blog)
Her design: Nail marbling with coolio tips! (Which I almost did myself!)

Her tips are actually stamped!
Click to take a better look.

Contestant 4:  Me!
My design: Gold penguins!

   And here's how you vote: Make a list of the designs, starting with your favorite one first. Make sense? List your favorite design first, then your second favorite, and so on and so forth. (I'm giving out points based on the ranking of the designs, but if you are torn between designs, then go ahead and clarify which ones tie for what place).
   Voting is open from now until about the end of the week (so ladies, get as many people to vote as you can!). Just put your votes in the comment box. Oh, and I don't care whose blog you vote on, I will be checking and double checking all of them.

**And on a side note, I'm not lying when I say this: The three ladies that entered happen to be the ones whose blogs I like the most! Seriously. No joke. No lie.
(How awesome/weird/cool is that?)


  1. oh they are so cute! I'm torn between the penguin and kitties for the first place, because I always love cute animal manicures =)

  2. Aw, thank you so much for the sweet comment at the end! All designs are so great, I can't wait to see what the voters think. Great job to al of the other contestants!

  3. 1. Little Green heart
    2. Your awesome Golden Penguins
    3. Polishology
    4. Swaafe

    They are all wonderful though :). I cant wait to see the upcoming challenges!

  4. Wow, this is awesome! Here are my votes:

    1st - Gold Penguins by Starving Nail Addict
    2nd - Nail Marbling by Polishology
    3rd - Wonderful Fall Foliage by Swaafie
    4th - Freaking Cute Kittens by Little Green Heart

    Good luck ladies! :)

  5. Polishology
    Starving Nail Addict
    Little Green Heart

  6. I like all the designs, but this is my list:

    1.little green heart
    3: you!

    Hope this helps :)!

  7. Swååfie
    little green heart.
    Gold penguins