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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guest Nails: Jessica

This is a different Jessica from the snowflake mani. It was her birthday so I combined the marbling idea from Amanda's nails and the rhinestone idea from my new year mani. Her colors: pink, purple, and white. (The camera didn't capture the colors too well though; they are brighter in real life).

Look at that thumb and pinky!

Oh, and the ring finger,
of course.

Personally, I thought the mani turned out pretty well (and yes, I realize they look very similar in pattern to Amanda's nails, but hey, that's water marbling for you). Water marbling sure gets easier the more often I do it though. I really, really liked the rhinestones on her ring fingers. (I don't know if anyone can tell, but it's alternating pink and purple stones).

Happy belated birthday Jessica, and I hope you enjoyed your mani!

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