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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back on schedule (I hope)

Freaking holidays throwing me all out of sync with my schedule. You'd think I'd actually have more time to blog. Nope. I'm so glad things are starting to settle down again.

So (belatedly), THESE are the nails that I wore for New Year's Eve when I went out with some of my friends. I studded the sh*t out of my nails.

I used round rhinestones on my ring finger and square stones on the rest of my hand. I put a coat of whatever polish matched the stones as a base on each nail too.

I got sick of how many friggin' top coats I had to put on to prevent the stones from falling off. (It was close to 10. . .ugh).

Champagne toast!
Pros- My nails looked fabulous for a night! And they were so damn fun to wear! I got so many comments on them (damn right too, I spent forever on them).
Cons- They only last that night. Haha. Everything fell off the next morning. I'm still picking up stones from inside my car.

Crazy. I think I'm going to order me some more of those square stones, I really liked them.


  1. Whoa!!! Freaking awesome! I really love the square stones. What a cool way to get a checkerboard pattern. I'll have to find some and do that on an accent nail. Your manicure is so fun for a special night on the town!

  2. Wow!!! Not an everyday look for sure but so great for a special night out.

  3. Niiice! Haha.. I could imagine it would be fun to wear such a mani for a day.. :p Where do you buy hose rhinestones?

  4. cool!! they look awesome! been meaning to get those rhinestones but cudn't find them here. maybe im looking at all the wrong places.