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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly.

(Don't expect a good nail design out of this post. It's They're all freaking ugly.)

The Good
So I bought this set of polishes by Color Club recently. It's one of the Alter Ego sets- Reveal your mystery.

Very pastel-y. Good thing I've been wanting pastels. I've decided that my next few posts will involve using these colors (sorta like a swatch/review/design all at once). I know, I'm a genius! *Hah! If only.* Anyway, I chose this pretty little number to go first.

It's 907 Sheer Disguise. (I have to roll my eyes at the names Color Club give their polishes. Kinda dumb to me, but whatever.)

It sure is pretty though. Pale blue, almost gray. Took three coats. Wondered what it would look like matte.
I likey.

The Bad
Tried to stamp white lollipops on top. Piece of shit matte coat. Polish wouldn't stick to it. See the patches?!

Know what's even sadder? I can't even seal the stamps with a top coat because that would defeat the purpose of a matte coat. Geez!

The Fugly
The lollipop was the third freaking pattern I tried. Here was the first one.

FAIL. I wanted to barf. I didn't even bother doing a clean-up because I removed it right after I took the photo. Here was the second attempt.

Double FAIL. My last post looked gorgeous, why the hell does this look like crap?! The ONLY thing I liked out of this whole mess was the color of the polish. It's days like these that make me want to chew my nails off.

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  1. lmao...This post made me crack up, I love your blog!!!!