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Saturday, April 30, 2011

No stuff like free stuff!

My new set of *cough* free *cough* Bundle Monster plates actually came in quite a few days ago, but I had just painted my nails and didn't want to remove my mani right away. So I waited a few days. Good lord, the wait was freaking hard!

I decided on my base color- 909 Alter Ego from Color Club. (How cute, a polish named Alter Ego IN the alter ego set. . .)

I had actually used this color about a month ago on my toes, and I noticed it was a bit sheer (as in needs-four-coats-for-coverage sheer). So, I prepped my nails this time around with a coat of nude colored polish. Well, close to nude; maybe a brown nude? Whatever. I only used two coats of Alter Ego.

This polish looks pretty boring indoors, but it's reflective as hell outdoors. Made me think of aluminum foil. It's got so many different glitter colors in it- brown, gold, pink, silver, and I think I see green too.

It's neither a holo nor duochrome polish. It's just alright, so I snazzed it up with a Bundle Monster stamp! Plate BM-203 to be exact!

Oh yes. I already like my new plates. The full finger images fit my thumb; how freaking sweet is that?!

I'm facing a dilemma here- too many images and not enough nails. *Shakes head* Why wasn't I born with more fingers?!


  1. I tried this design out using white and it looked horrible on me, I love how you got it to work out, Love it!!! I have given you the Kreativ blogger award and I would love for you to hop over and check it out hehttp://karinsnailblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/kreativ-blogger-award.htmlre

  2. this looks very tron inspired! very pretty

    shel xx

  3. I have been doing my nails every day! I was challenged yesterday to keep the same mani for a week--a whole week! I don't know if I can do it, but I went with pink so I can cover Pink Wednesdays AND Mother's Day. These new set of plates from BM are awesome, but I hadn't even had my first set from them for a month yet so I haven't used all of the first set yet lol! I don't know who she is but their is a Goddess in some religion with eight arms--that's who we need to be so we have enough fingers to stamp lol!