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Friday, April 22, 2011

This must be Deja Vu

I couldn't stop thinking about stamping a pink kitten to imitate Mew. I decided that I just had to redo my Pokeball mani!

My free hand skills still suck though. I painted my middle fingers last, and I sort of regret my decision to do Mew (he's supposed to be "flying" around with silver stars). . .I just see a pink cat. D'oh!

Man, it's deja vu all over again. But hey, it's a super fun mani to wear!


  1. Very fun mani again! I like the idea for Mew, actually - and I totally see Mew, not a pink cat, haha. Very nice! :D

  2. These are freakin awesome!!! I love pokemon dis makes me wanna do my own. Love the different balls.

  3. What color did you use for the pink???! I tried to use Sally Hansen bubblegum pink yesterday for my seascape nails (which did not turn out as I had hoped)and it didn't stamp well!

  4. @Inievin- My polish brand is called "CM Nail Art." I've had it for over ten years and never really came across it anywhere. I don't even remember how I got it. But, I did notice that the more neon the color is, the better it stamps. Wet n Wild has a color called "Lavender Creme" that works. It's actually bright pink, not lavender at all.