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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Guess who was one of the winners for Bundle Monster's nail art contest? That's right, me! Muahahahaha! (It's supposed to be an evil laugh) I placed 18th, Bee-yatches!

Ok, all gloating put aside, I'm really happy that I won. Thank you to anyone who took the time to vote! However, I have to say something. Most of the winners (including myself) only had so-so designs. Seriously. If you've taken the time to look at all the entries, the damn good ones didn't win. I kinda feel bad for winning. . .kinda. Though if any of you are following Bundle Monster's fan page. . .there are some pretty sore losers out there. I'm not going to link you guys to it, but you are free to take a look for yourself. It's almost a jab in the side how bitter one some of them is are. Ouch. Cry me a fucking river. Don't enter a contest if you're going to come out bitching. It ruins the mood for everyone, winners and losers alike.


  1. hahaha I love sore losers.....ill go check it out and laugh at them now :P

    Well done to you- im sure you deffo deserve it :) xo

  2. hahaha, i just went over and read the comments, its funny!! Congrats btw!!

  3. Congrats on the win, I too am a winner and my design was super simple. But it was a contest based on the most votes so it doesn't have to be the best design lol! I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I shall only do more amazing designs and get better and better at stamping with my new plates!

  4. I laughed when i read what some ppl wrote, Like boycotting BM. I knew going in that it was not really about the design but how many ppl you can get to vote on it. I really loved yours though thats why i voted. Lonely little ole me only has 13 followers so yeah, I didn't win. But i'm going to be a winner when i get those plates, LOL.

  5. hahaha!! I jus read all those hilarious posts on the BM page :P Seriously!! How stupid.. Anyways Congrats :D Waiting to see your creations with the prize :D

  6. @Amber- I checked out the Facebook page, but it looks like they took it down. Bummer. Haha, it was one giant hissy fight after another, you should have been there!