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Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's alright

Alright, last polish from Color Clubs's Alter Ego (Reveal Your Mystery) set. It's 908 Give Me A Hint. Oh give me a break.

How do I describe it? Gray-purple? Grurple?

It's pretty. Took three coats. Or was it four? That's the thing I've noticed about using Color Club polishes- they require some pretty thick-ass coats, and lots of them. Why? Uneven coverage. And they streak a little each time you add another coat. Geez. . .

Yes, I removed the polish from my ring finger and painted it a shimmery pearl color. Long story, don't ask. For the tips, my Bundle Monster plate had stamps designed to go just on the tips; however, my skill at this technique is pretty much nonexistent. So I taped off my tips and stamped them like normal. Hence, the lines are straight and not curved (trust me, I would rather have them curved).

I'd say this design falls under the "Meh" category. I swear, everything I've done looks like ass ever since my Love Letter design.

By the way, are you guys voting every day like me? (Haha, I lie. I only vote every other day.) Get on it!


  1. LMAO....I love reading your posts, It always cracks me up. Yes i do vote everyday, I'm getting confused on the designs i'm voting for, I have made a list now on who's is what. LOL

  2. I had to start a list too! They keep jumbling up the entrees and I have to keep searching for the ones I like.