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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Suede Pumps, Bitch.

Sorry if my title offends anyone. It's what popped into my head while I was painting my nails this color. It's too damn sexy! I half wanted to find someone to backhand just because the color looked fitting. (Of course, then I would've gotten my butt whooped).

Tres Risk- Suede Pumps.
Oh yeah.

Stamped from my Bundle Monster plates with You're A Gem by Tres Risk. (These polishes are amazingly gorgeous!)


  1. These tres risk polishes are super hawt, aren't they? I love your title because it really does capture the feeling when you put the color on. Love it on you!

  2. Really like the colour combination you have used :D also sorry if you've already received it, but I've given your blog The Stylish Blogger Award: