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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Champagne Tiger. . .?

Finally found me some E.L.F. polish! Unfortunately, the only selection I had to choose from was pinks and reds. Dang. Still, I got three colors and this one is Champagne. It's peachy. It's pinky. It's slightly shimmery. It's totally not for me.

I wore this color for about a day; it was about all I could handle. The color really didn't sit well with my skin tone. I felt like I had old lady hands. Not good. So, I do what I always do- used my Bundle Monster plates!

Smeared a little. Whoops.

I even used a silver glitter striping polish (from the dollar store, of course) to add some accents to the stripes.

Wha-bam! Much better. Although somewhat bolder as well. Whatever. I enjoyed this mani much more than I thought I would.