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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

THE DUEL: The Challenge Begins!

I know, I said I would take on only one follower. . .but seeing how this is my first ever challenge, I should be able to alter the rules slighty. 
So, I've decided to take on everyone this time around! (Come on, there's only 3 of y'all, how tough can it be?. . .) So, here goes!-

I, Starving Nail Addict, hereby challenge: (click on their names to check out the competition their blogs.  ^_^


.little green heart.


to THE DUEL! We shall each create our own nail designs (with gold in them) and have them photographed by this Sunday, November 14, 2010. (Just email me your pics and I will send you mine. Also, if you don't mind, I will email the other contestants your photos as well!).
My email is starving.nailaddict(at)yahoo(dot)com.

AND- to make up for altering the rules at the last second, I've decided to include a prize (albeit cheap, I am a starving nail addict after all) for the ultimate winner!
You get to pick from three different sets of polishes by Tres Risk. (And yes, I got them at Ross for $4.99 each).

The Glamorous Life collection.

Click to see the names better.

The Out To Party collection.

Click to see the names better.

The Some Like It Rich collection.
Click to see the names better.

I am just using my bottles as samples. I will send the winner an unopened set of their choice. Of course, don't get used to me sending out prizes. This is just to kickstart THE DUEL!

Oh, and I have a special way of voting, but more on that later! Good Luck Ladies!


  1. wow.. those are great colors... i love them all.. how much are those polishes? i love the The Out To Party collection..

  2. Wow, with prizes and everything.. This is going to be tough.. I have to come up with something good..

    Good luck to all of us :)

  3. @ThRiSzHa- Each pack is about 5 US dollars (not bad, right?).

  4. This should be fun! Now I REALLY need to come up with an amazing design! Off to brainstorm.... :)