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Monday, November 22, 2010

Keep on keeping on.

Whew! Painted my nails before I chewed on them (yay, me!). Kept my gold theme going for November and also kept it simple- my hands were shaking so bad when I was previously working on the penguins' faces. Freehand is definitely not my friend, even for simple dots.

So, started off with gold nails. And by the way, this is the most beautiful gold I have ever used, but it's not even mine! It's my roommate's. She bought this at Forever 21, so I went hunting for it. All they had was bronze. Humph. I think I might have to steal this from her. (Actually, I'm going to visit my family in a couple days, and luckily, they live in a real city unlike me. One that has two Forever 21's. So guess who's going to be hitting up the stores as soon as possible? Hell, I'm buying several bottles if I can find this gold!)

The bottle says Love & Beauty.

Then threw on two different patterns from my Bundle Monster plates. *God, I love my plates!* Then centered each "flower" with a stone-looking sticker.

Intentionally not showing my thumb.
It's an embarrassment.

This hand is slightly messed up.
Yeah, my right hand's not as nice. There's smudges of paint on my index finger. I forgot to take pics before I did a manicure on my friend's nails, and then I suddenly remembered to. Haha, it was a funny moment-

Me (while in the middle of painting her nails): Oh shoot! Be right back!
Cristal (walking into my room): What are you doing?
Me (squatting by my lamp with my camera): I gotta take some pictures of my nails!
Cristal (backing away): Oh, o. . .k. . .

She probably thought I was nuts.


  1. These look so nice! I love black with gold.

    My mom rolled her eyes at me when I was over her house this weekend so she could visit my daughter. I ran onto their deck so I could take a picture of my nails before the sun went down. In 30 degree weather. With no coat.

  2. Ah! Now THAT must've been a funny sight! I would be shivering too hard to get a good photo in.

  3. I was a children's photographer for a while. I have magical skill with a camera when there are mere seconds to snap a picture. ;)

  4. this looks great. i love the added stone sticker to the flower pattern. :)