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Monday, November 29, 2010

DollarTree scavenger hunt and How the heck. . .

. . .did I end up with more polishes?! Before I ever thought about writing a blog, I owned less than a dozen nail polishes. I had what I needed. But for some reason, the more blogs I read and the more polishes I learn about, the more my collection seems to grow. (Damn you, addictive blogs!) Ha ha, now I have bottles all over my room. I don't even use my microwave because I've stacked my polish in front of it!

I miss you too, Microwave.
Thank god I'm not alone in polish hoarding. And that my stash is still relatively small (I only have what, 40 bottles or so?), though for how long is questionable.

Does anyone recognize that evil bottle in the red circle?
Take a wild guess!
   Of course, I gotta tell you about my latest haul (oh god, I'm calling it a haul too). Some of the blogs I follow have mentioned Sally Hansen's discontinued polish line- Nail Prisms (you know, the shiny holographic looking polishes). When I saw how gorgeous the purple polish was, I went DollarTree hunting.
   Here's how I justified my search: "Oh hey, purple is my favorite color and I can never have too many purples. And it's holographic! I don't even own a holographic polish. Definitely need one of those. Plus, it's only a buck. Come on, go look for it."
   Yes, I talk to myself. Don't ask.
So I searched. No luck. All I found were the scary, murky polish colors. . . and I get the feeling that they weren't those colors originally. . .ew.
   Anyway, the other day, I got lucky! Found me that purple! Not only that, I found the red one too!! Whoo-hoo! Slight dilemma: They were sold in two-packs, but not together. That means I would end up with two extra bottles of nasty polish. Hmmm. Luckily every pack I came across was already torn open. I switched the polishes so that I would end up getting the purple and red together. The cashier lady didn't care either way, and I got two pretty polishes for a buck! Ah, it was a worthwhile search.

Can't wait to try these pretties out!

I also caved and bought these things (even though I'm not a glitter fan)-
Now, I have a question: What other colors did Sally Hansen have besides the red and purple? These bottles are gorgeous and I want to get the other colors too (if they even exist, that is). Anybody know?


  1. hello =) nice haul!
    just wanted to say that the official polish badge is courtesy of mine, but you don't have to give me credit. just wanted to clarify. thank you =)

  2. I had one that was an awful yellow-tinted clear that flashed blue called South Sea Pearl. I've read reviews where people had bottles of it that were nice and looked light pink/blue, but mine was a disaster. I used it for frankening.

  3. @trincess- Totally didn't know it started with you, sorry! I first saw it on Ice Queen's Nail Parlour, but I've changed it to give you credit. Thanks for letting me know!

    @Penny- That color sounds scary. I should look into it. Did you do a post on it or anything? (I browsed your blog and didn't find it).

  4. @Penny (again)- So I looked up that color, and it looks so sheer! Nothing like the holographic colors I bought. I'm not a fan of sheers. . .so I might pass on that one for now. Have you developed any sweet frankens with it?

  5. Hey, I actually LIKE that SH (hard as wraps, right?) that you circled and used it as the base for almost every mani last month. It's really good at preventing staining and is nice and gel-like so makes for a smooth surface for polish. Mine got thick on me, but I thinned it out and now have 3 backup bottles of it!
    Nice Ross haul! I looove Ross for np - such great deals!
    I found the silver short chubby bottle of the SH prisms at a dollar tree, and also a lighter pink of the taller bottle.

  6. @ABOP- You are kidding me, you like that Hard as Wraps stuff?! (And kudos for guessing correctly!) It's been nothing but evil to me! I loved it at first, but once it thickened, bleah. Broken nails all over the place. Maybe I should thin it out and give it a try again.

  7. no problem at all =) thank you =)))

  8. Burgundy Orchid-
    Its a blue/purple duo chrome :)
    I would have no idea where to find it...I found mine at the dollar store like a year ago :(
    Maybe ebay?
    Then there is Emerald Amethyst :)
    VERY pretty...purple/green
    This is on my wishlist...I shall continue the search :)
    BTW....GREAT blog...I love THE DUEL idea :)

  9. @Sara Jean- is your Burgundy Orchid super shimmery like Purple Diamond? I'm still hunting Dollar Trees with my fingers crossed.

  10. yes...its uber shimmery and catches any kind of light just awesome! And thanks for the follow!

  11. know what you should do? you should buy one bottle of nail polish for every follower this blog gets... that would be pretty awesome, then you could be like "oh follower #32 i remember you! You were that gorgeous sparkly red I bought for 1.99!"

    and... yeah ... that would make my day :)

  12. @Northern Artist- Hey, now THERE'S an idea! lol, I'm so glad my follower number isn't shooting through the roof; I'd be so broke!