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Monday, November 22, 2010

Sad day.

My nail split- again. This time was worse, much worse.

Ugh. Right where the smile line is. It tore when I was opening some stupid juice bottle. I guess I should be grateful (it could've torn all the way across and caused some bleeding). Still. I'm not happy. Had to clip the nail down before more damage was done.

Nubbin again. Eek, and it looks like it will take over a month to grow this beast out. Now, I was torn between filing down all my nails so that they'll grow evenly together, or just maintaining their length until my thumb grows out. The second option won out. (I've never had nails this long before)! Since I've shown you my torn nail, I figured I might as well show you my naked nails. Be warned.

Argh! I'm so tempted to chew on all my nails now! Gotta paint them, fast!


  1. Watch out! Don't go chew on them! Paint.. Now! haha

    I hate it when it happens :/ But in a positive view - now that it's the thumb, it doesn't look completely ridiculus with the other nails long.. If it was your index or something.. it would be much more noticeable..

  2. lol, now that I think about it, that's true. It could look a little more funky. Ugh, still, they look so chewable!. . .

  3. I just had a break like that a couple of days ago, but it was my pinkie... AND I already had a nubbins thumb... AND I had been trying to patch up a middle nail for awhile. So I decided to give in any just trim down to nubbins now. It is so sad. :(

  4. aaaah sorry for your thumb! and wow, your naked nails are really pretty! mine turned out green... my punishment for not putting on base coat :(

  5. @Jenny- Man, don't you just hate it when nails break? I can't seem to NOT be clumsy when it comes to my hands. . .and so there goes a nail. Sigh. It is indeed sad. Your poor nubbins.

    @Lois- lol, well thanks for thinking my nails look good. It's so weird to see my own bare nails, what with me painting them all the time. Green nails?! Oh boy, that's a new color to me. (I'm totally imagining Shrek colored nails, haha!) But don't worry, they'll lighten up. . .I think. . . ?

  6. Wow..I don't think I've had a break that bad before. That must have hurt. I would have chose the second option as well.

  7. that always happens to me, right when i grow my thumb nails out, they crack right at the smile line :( I hate it!

    what I usually do is keep the rest of my nails the same length and glue on a fake nail for the broken thumb nail. I use Nailene plain nails, they hold up great! Even through polish changes :)