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Monday, November 8, 2010

THE DUEL (rules and regulations)

     Ok, so I have this idea: bear with me while I try to explain it. I want to start a nail challenge with my followers, but one-on-one style. I haven't finished up the finer details but this how the challenge (aka THE DUEL) will go:

1. Anyone who wants to take me up on the challenge must be a follower and leave a comment on this post letting me know you are interested in participating.

2. I will choose one person by random (actually, more like who I want to challenge) and contact you either via email or comment post.

3. We agree on the duel specifics (for example, using a certain color or following a certain pattern, etc.)

4. We come up with the creation on our own nails, photograph them, and exchange pics by a given deadline. And no, you cannot reuse old pics (although you can redo an old mani design).

5. Both of us will post about the THE DUEL on our separate blogs and have our followers and/or friends vote TWICE (one on each blog, but with the same vote: i.e. say persons A and B duel, and I think A should win, I will vote for A on both A's blog and B's blog). If you don't have a blog (or don't want to blog about it), you can just get people to vote here on my blog. Voting will take place in the comments section.

6. Should you win against me, you shall have bragging rights for now. (If this idea launches, I want to start sending out prizes). Also, I will start a Page of Fame listing the winners of each challenge.

Sound like fun? Let's get started!

   As you probably know, I paint my nails once a week. In honor of November, I've decided to include gold in my manis this month. So, for my first ever challenge:

1. You must include gold in your mani somehow.

2. Designs may be freehand, stamped, stickered, glued, beaded, marbled, whatever. (But no fake nails with the designs already on them. And no minx or minx-related nails or any of those full nail peel-and-stick designs. Know what I'm talking about? Like what Incoco or Essence has. If you're not sure, just ask me).

3. You have to paint on your own nails (not someone else's).

4. You must be willing to have your design finished and emailed to me 3 days after I have chosen you for THE DUEL.

Leave a comment if you want to sign up for the challenge. Hurry, because I plan on redo-ing my nails this Friday and I already have an idea of what I want to do! Stamping, here I come!


  1. this sounds fun! I'd love to join. :D

  2. Ugh, thank god! I was starting to think this was a bad idea! If you are still the only one who wants to participate, I will formally challenge you sometime tomorrow (so watch your back!).

  3. I almost hate to challenge you because your art is always so good, haha. But I will throw my name in there... I better start thinking of some ideas, just in case!

    Cute idea, by the way. Kind of like Iron Chef for nails. Iron... Manicurist? Haha.

  4. LOL! :D Allright then, I've got some researching to do. :) Yay!

  5. Crap. I didn't think it would be so tough to decide who to challenge! Hm. . . where's that random site I can use?. . .

  6. I know THE DUEL is over for this time around but I would LOVE to be included in the next one ;)