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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Winner!

Whew! Has it been a week already? Good lord, that was quick. Anyway, I tallied up all the votes and the winner of THE DUEL (by a good mile too, might I add) is Jenny from Polishology! Congrats! The rest of the contestants (myself included) were all one point away from each other, but Polishology blew everyone away with her marbling design! So Jenny, which Tres Risk set would you like? (It's a tough choice because I like every set. . . and that's why I have all of them, haha!)

Thank you .little green heart. and Swååfie for participating! I really loved your designs and I wish I could send you guys something too (but shipping's so expensive!). So, here is the least I can do: for everyone out there who hasn't or isn't following either of their blogs, you'd better start! They do some really cute designs and don't just swatch polish colors (and for that, I thank them).

Once again, congrats to Jenny and this concludes THE DUEL (for now)!


  1. Congratulations Jenny! Well done :)

    It was fun participating :) I might be temped to do that another time :p

  2. This is really exciting! Everyone did such a wonderful job, I am really honored to win! :D

  3. Congrats Jenny! :D It'll be fun to participate again in the DUEL.