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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Guest Nails: Cristal

So, Cristal had a formal to go to and she was going to wear a matte silver dress. I talked her into doing silver matte nails to match (with some glitter, of course).

I freehanded her tips, so they aren't perfect. I semi-fixed that with some glitter lining!

Now, if you look closely at some of her nails there are some bald spots up near the cuticles. Apparently the Essie matte topcoat dragged some of the polish off when I applied it. Didn't even notice in real life (I only caught it when editing the photos). That made me a bit upset.

Used flowery stickers on her thumbs.

And yes, I caught the lifted sticker on her left thumb. I pressed it down afterwards and it stayed put, luckily. Cristal, if you are reading this, I apologize for the sloppy job I did! This matte coat might not have been a good idea after all. I promise your next mani will be much better. But your nails do look fancy otherwise!


  1. I really like the sparkle lining! It makes the classic french tip manicure (although I guess grey and black isn't all that classic...) so much more exciting!
    I must remember this...
    They look awesome by the way :)

  2. Thanks! I was surprised at how much the lining jazzed up the mani myself. (Not to mention it covered the uneven tips, ha ha!)

  3. i agree! :D it really does take the usual mani to a new level. this is great!