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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ok, maybe too much inspiration?

What would you name this mani? I have no clue myself.

Yeah, yeah. Dry cuticles.
So sue me. It's cold here.
My roommate gave me this bottle of Light Grey by love & beauty (you can find it at Forever 21). I'm really digging the cool tone of this color; it's so winter appropriate. Added purple, green and white dots.

My roommate also gave me this bottle of glitter called Opal Speckle by Santee. Never heard of this brand before, so I gave it a try. I'm so glad my roommy gave me her old polishes that she doesn't want anymore. (More polish for me! Muahahaha!)

Jeez, why is it so hard to capture the damn sparkle?! Let's see if this blurry pic helps.

**Oh, on a side note. Remember that gold polish that I wanted to "steal" from my roommate (and no, I wasn't really going to steal it)? She bought a new bottle so she gave me her old one! Whoohoo! I'm almost jealous that she had better luck finding it than I did. It's so damn elusive!


  1. This mani is really cute, I love it. =)

  2. Im really loving the grey!! Merry Christmas Amy!! Have a great and joyous day ahead!! The sparkles are really great too! :D Me loves!!