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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Man, I need some inspiration here.

So, can you tell I'm running out of ideas for nails? Actually, I have tons of ideas, but the designs in my head never turn out quite the same way on my nails. It's a pathetic excuse, but it's true. This week's mani is super simple, as in just green and red nails with stickers. Pah.

The green is Envy by Ulta.
The red is Cabernet by Petites.

The red color is more like what's in
the bottle, not on my nail.
 One thing I really want to mention: this green has got to be the most gorgeous, opaque green I own. All my other greens are sheer and always show that visible nail line (*bleah*). Absolutely love this green! Slightly shimmery. Very nice dark shade. Covered in two coats. Yep. Wearing this color again soon.

Here is a shot in different lighting. The red is more color accurate.


  1. That happens to me to..I have so many ideas but they often don't work out the way I plan them too.

    I like the green you used, its very pretty!

  2. oooh! i'm really loving the green! :D are you going to hold another DUEL soon? I'm running out of ideas on what to do now too and would love to participate in the DUEL again. :D

  3. @xnosugaraddedx- You know what? Yes, I think I just might hold another DUEL pretty soon! (No prizes though). Maybe it will get some of our creativity flowing.