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Friday, December 17, 2010

My, erm, mani (I guess)

So I did this mani and didn't take photos until after I had done Jessica's nails. . .So I have some tip wear and my nails lost their glossy finish. I was too lazy for any touch-ups and besides, I don't exactly like this mani all that much.

It's a pretty blue polish by Tres Risk (it's been a while since I've worn blue now that I think about it).

There's glitter up near my cuticles, which I added after doing Jessica's nails. I just had to copy it, but I probably shouldn't have. The gray crap on the sides of my nails were supposed to be chain links from my Bundle Monster plate.

This mani is "meh" at best for me; don't exactly hate it, but I'm not in love either. *Tsk* Ruined some really pretty blue nails.