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Friday, December 3, 2010

One dollar never got me so much before.

November is over, and I can wear my sweet new Sally Hansen Purple Diamond. Hello, my precious!

No top coat on this puppy!
I am freaking in love. I couldn't stop staring at my nails.

Couldn't stop taking photos either. This holographic effect boggles my mind.

Oh you beautiful beast, you!

Did I mention I was in love with this color? It was so pretty I couldn't bear to put any designs on it, so I wore it "as is" for about two days.

Then I tried to make it festive with my Bundle Monster plate and used a matte top coat.

Had to re-dot the berries with
my dotting stick.

Wore this design for a couple days too.

And today, I put a shiny top coat on.

You're looking at over half a week's worth of wear.

(Sorry about the inconsistent coloring of my photos, I used a different camera each time.) Best dollar I ever spent in my life. I'm hoarding more bottles of this as soon as I can.
So, why did they discontinue this polish? Was it because too many women were killing each other for a chance to wear this color? (I know I would might have).

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