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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dude, nail polish floats.

Water marbling. It's genius. Why did I not invent it? Heck, why have I never even heard of it until about a month ago?! Look that stuff up, it's totally worth trying. (Check out My Simple Little Pleasures blog under the Addicts I Stalk, she is so badass at it). I tried it for the first time two weeks ago (so that would be before the red and black tips) and this is the result of my first try. Not bad, right? My index finger looks like a half butterfly to me. I used three colors in this one: orange, black, and a slightly shimmery peach. The whole process is a mess, but then again, so are all nail painting techniques.

You know, I think I might try water/nail marbling again when I redo my nails. Let's see, what colors to choose. . . should it halloween oriented? I've already used orange, hmm. . . think, think! Oooh, I should add some stones too! Ah! I've got it! I can't wait to test it out and show it off!

Right, back to you guys. I've got ONE more nail design to post tomorrow before I'm all caught up on my designs. Actually, I should have two but I didn't take photos of one of them. What a shame too. Imagine this: Green french tips, giant white flower with green stone center on the thumbs, two tiny white flowers with green dotted centers on each ring finger. Its not original, but still pretty cool. Maybe I'll recreate it again. Maybe. I seriously need to find some sets of hands to paint.


  1. omg!! ive tried this and never succeeded. *jealous* awesome work here! :D

  2. this was your FIRST try? Thats AMAZING! I have been trying for weeeeeks and can't get it right! Good job!