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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Webbed feet

Ha ha. Get the pun? My toes, with webs. Webbed feet?. . .

Anyway, I painted my toenails alternating orange and black for a Halloween look. Then I used my Bundle Monster stamps to put a web on my big toes and a spider on the second toe. I originally wanted to make a black spider web, but the plate and the polish weren't cooperating. I ended up using white, which is fine with me.

My right foot

And my left
Notice the green arrow on my left foot? There's a smudge there from when I tried to stamp on a black spider, but the image didn't transfer completely (these Bundle Monster plates are tricky to work with), and so I had to remove it and cover it up with orange polish. From far away it looks fine, but up close it's more noticeable. Here is a closer shot:

See the smudge under the web?
My toes turned out alright, but it feels like there's something missing on them. I'm going to see if I can jazz them up some more later today. I wish the black spider would just transfer!

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