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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Purple and silver and matte and shiny and stamping and. . .

Redid my nails, and I have to admit that I am satisfied with them this time around. I used a combo of techniques for this manicure: I stamped, I matted, I shinied, and I sponged. I tried to get some good photos in, but the camera doesn't do my nails justice. (Trust me, they look much better in real life.)

Ignore my cuticles. I was in a hurry to take photos so I didn't do a good job at cleanup (at least, that's my story).

I really like how my thumbs turned out-
silver to purple gradient
 Can you tell which nails are matte and which are shiny? The purple I used was so gorgeous I almost decided to do a solid one color mani. (It's tres Risk- Secret Passion)


  1. Nice combination! The side to side gradient is great. :)

  2. Thanks! It was hard to capture it on camera, but it's so much more visible in real life.

  3. such a cute mani! I really love it, the gradient is awesome <3