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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Week's Nails

Hurrah! I have a follower! I was afraid NO ONE would ever look at this page! Thank you so much Serena (aka Lacquer Love)! I didn't think I would get so excited, but I am! And your page actually encouraged me to start my own blog, because you also began your blog relatively recently. I was worried that I would be starting too little too late, you know?

Anyway, I've decided to post some pics of my nails from last week (you know, before I had this blog idea). It's striped red and black with a stone in the middle. Well, they were originally stones, but I kept picking at them until they fell off. So, I used nail stickers as a replacement. They ended up looking pretty much the same. I was lazy, so I didn't paint the tips and clean them up with acetone like a professional. I "cheated" by taping off my fingernails into slants and painting the exposed tips.

Doing tips is always a love/hate relationship for me. I completely love how elongated, glamorous, and sophisticated my nails look, but I hate that I don't get to paint my entire nails. Like maybe I jipped myself out of a full manicure. But dang! They make my short nails look good!

Check back tomorrow. I want to post some nails that I did based off of My Simple Little Pleasures' water marbling technique. Freaking cool.

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  1. Your very welcome! I've enjoyed your posts so far. I had the same thoughts when I first started a few months ago but the nail blogging community is a great place and I've come to know lots of nice people. The one thing I did to get readers was to comment on other blogs. Most bloggers usually click on the profiles of whoever comments on their blog, that's how I find yours. =)