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Monday, October 11, 2010

Forget the color swatches. Give me a design!

First off, I'm not a blogger. As a matter of fact, I don't even read blogs as a hobby. However, I have recently developed an addiction to nail art that led to days (oh yes, days) spent Googling images for nail designs. Let me tell you, I was not satisfied. Most images led to blogs that mainly displayed polish colors. Not knocking on you guys gals (you really have great stuff), but I need something more than color. I need designs! And here is where my addiction has led me, to create a blog for nail art. I refuse to paint my nails daily (that's just unfair to not enjoy a design for a week), but that will not stop my quest for glorious nails! I want to share a buku of ideas, but that's where I need your help! Send me your images! Give me your feedback! Show the world that nails love to dress up!

Whew, sorry. . . Got myself all worked up. I like nails too much.

Anyway, let'd kickstart this bit** (excuse me) with a photo of my nails this week. This is my first attempt at nail stamping ever, so no laughing! I used one of the Bundle Monster plates I ordered on Amazon. Ugh, did I mention my addiction has led to me ordering things online, something I prefer not to do? This is might drive me to insanity.

(Oh yeah, forget the polish on my skin. I was so excited, I didn't do a cleanup.)

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  1. You did great for your first time! =) My first try didn't come out as well..