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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hulk angry! Want to smash!

Broke two nails. Crap Beautiful. I felt like turning green and ripped and start terrorizing my neighbors. Didn't take a picture of the breaks because I had to file my nails down ASAP or else I would start chewing on them (yeah, I'm a die hard nail biter). You know when you fold a piece of paper in half real well and there's that sharp crease? The tips of my nails did that, and I blame this!-

Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps. I stopped using this a while back and forgot why. I certainly remember now. Yes, the stuff hardens my nails (yay) but at the same time, my nails lose their flexibility (d'oh). As a result, they don't give under pressure, they just snap. Should've done two layers of the stuff, but it gets so stringy (like when you use a hot glue gun). *I wish I knew how to type out that irritated tsk-sigh noise.*

So. Back to square one. Painted my nubbins purple again.

Threw on a Bundle Monster stamp.

Now the waiting game. Enjoy your Halloween!


  1. lol Your title made me chuckle! I quite like your nails short like that, they look trendy! (although I know short nails don't feel very nice, at least not on me anyway!)

  2. Glad I made you smile. Thank you for the compliment and I don't like the way (too) short nails feel either, it's hard to describe.
    . . .by the way, is your picture a muffin in a pair of jeans (like muffin-top)? That's too cute! I thought it was a muffin wrapped in a blue napkin. lol!

  3. I think your nails look lovely :) Not horribly short! Oh and nice manicure xo